Our values

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

– Henry Ford

Our values are based on the passion for the job we do, on our determination to carry out the work in the best possible way and on team spirit, which allows us to work, together, to achieve the best result.

Ethics and accountability are, therefore, the cardinal principles that are expressed at every level of our organization. All of our technicians, administrative personnel and managers are focused on preserving the common good established by the company in its ability to create value, as we are convinced that such an ability is a legacy to protect, preserve, improve and strengthen.  

In this context, the client becomes the synergistic counterpart that allows the company to achieve its general goals, whose main mission is to provide industrial services with an approach that is strongly oriented towards problem-solving and the quality of the end result.   

PROGIM Engineering is especially attentive to the local area, in the belief that only a profitable exchange with the socio-economic context of the region in which the company operates can guarantee the best results. The policy of recruiting young technicians and an inclination towards technological innovation have led to a continuous exchange with educational institutions, which are considered fundamental partners that will allow us to grow, while maintaining deep, solid roots.